Awaz is a South Asian student organization at Mount Holyoke College. We work to spread awareness, inspire appreciation and foster dialogue about the past, present and future of South Asia. We aim to engage members of the Mount Holyoke community and beyond, who are interested in the shared history and culture of South Asia.  


About Us

Spring 2014

Pragya Bajoria ’15, Rudmila Salek ’14, Priyanka Krishnamoorthy ’15, Menaka Mahtab ’16, Trishna Sakhrani ’15

Fall 2013


Left to right:

Trishna Sakhrani ’15, Fiza Hussain ’15, Shaheen Madraswala ’14, Rudmila Salek ’14, Menaka Mahtab ’16, Priyanka Krishnamoorthy ’16








Fall 2011-Spring 2013

Spring 2013 boardLeft to right:

Shaheen Madraswala ’14, Sharanya Shankar ’13, Tarana Bhatia ’15, Nazish Munir ’13, Kalyani Jayshankar ’13, Pragya Bajoria ’15, Fiza Hussain ’15, Emaan Ahmad ’13